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Image by Felix Rostig

Are You Ready To Kickstart Your Nomadic Journey?

We're here to help you take your first step towards becoming a digital nomad.

There are so many people that want to live the digital nomad lifestyle; however, many people never try because they're too scared to take the leap or have no clue how to start. By joining Nomad Cru, you'll have access to resources that will help you start one of the most sought after lifestyles.

In Case No One Told You!

You shouldn’t have to spend your entire life sitting in a cubicle, taking long commutes to a job you hate, with little to no work life balance. Life is too short. You deserve to live the life you want. In 3 months, will you be living the same life, or will you have taken a leap towards your dream lifestyle? 3 months will go by regardless, so make it count!

Image by Daniel Jacob

A Membership With Nomad Cru Includes...

Digital Nomad Training

▪️Learn how to get started as a digital nomad, hubs to travel to, where to stay, accommodations, & how to make it as a digital nomad


▪️Educate you on work authorization rules & regulations specific to your home country & globally


▪️Provide you with tax payment information & reporting guidance


▪️Show you how to organize your workspace, effectively manage communication, and maintain an efficient work system 

▪️Guide you with money management strategies, expenses to elude, budgeting tactics, and saving tips

Digital Nomad Community

▪️Take part in an amazing community of entrepreneurs, online business owners, remote workers, and digital nomads


▪️Access to our communication platform to connect with digital nomads all over the world.


▪️ The opportunity to join our retreats in beautiful destinations to travel, work, and explore with other digital nomads.


▪️Make lifelong friends while discovering the world

▪️Get access to our yearly travel destination calendars


Language Learning

▪️Work one-on-one with one of our certified language teachers to learn the language or languages of the destinations you plan to travel and explore


▪️Learn the language basics to give you confidence, security, and a sense of belongingness  


▪️Become a more confident traveler & eliminate the stress of not being able to communicate 


▪️Our language teachers can help you learn the most popular languages in the world


▪️Connect with one of our language teachers on a weekly basis over zoom

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